Topic Information Animal Crossing is a game developed by Nintendo. There is a whole uninhabited island that you can turn into a paradise: to gather resources build and decorate something and most importantly - to invite various animals and other players from around the world trade with them various resources - such as turnips.
The game gained great popularity immediately after its release - has already sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.
Thanks to the unique style and wide possibilities of customization of the island the game became cult and gave rise to many memes. For example when the singer Grimes offered her fans to "finish" her video one of the most popular versions was a video where the actress was placed in the world of Animal Crossing.
Another funny story happened with a actress in Animal Crossing who was visited on the island by actor and musician Elijah Wood best known for his role as the goblin Frodo in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings".
According to the portal Eurogamer Wood saw a tweet of the gamer where she flaunted favorable prices for turnips and just wrote her a personal message.
Due to the extremely high popularity of the game sales of the console from Nintendo have increased. In Japan alone 1.8 million copies of the game were sold in the first three days and sales of Nintendo Switch consoles exceeded demand for the Wii console previously the company's most popular console. Because of this we even had to increase the production of consoles as it was very difficult to meet such demand.
Earlier [url=][b]sell ACNH Bells[/b][/url] Nintendo had to stop supplying the console to Japan due to high demand. And in the US even bought all the consoles on Amazon and Ebay.
And now the game has decided to hold a real fashion show.
Bells are the main currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and you'll need a lot of them if you want to upgrade your house buy furniture and clothes and build various structures around your island. Come to and they will provide you with the best service.
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