Support - What Is My Heel Height?

The Correct Heel Height

We measure the height from the side, so not from the back of the heel.
To correctly measure the heel height please take a ruler and put the shoe on a flat horizontal surface. Then vertically measure the length of the heel from the center of the heel-tip upwards to the end of the heel itself. This is the correct distance.

Please note that there is a margin of 1 to 2 millimeters, and we take steps of 0,5cm to the mark the heel heights.


The Comme Il Faut shoes are categorized in three heel heights:

2,5 - 8,1cm
8,3 - 8,7cm
8,7 - 9,5cm

The heights on the website are rounded to 0,5cm.

The difference between these three categories is of course the heel height and the heel bridge accompanied with the height to offer you the best possible support, stability, comfort and strength for each separate category. The heel heights on the website have a variation of a few millimeters but generally you can divide the heels in these heights, high-medium-low as mentioned above.

So basically you choose a shoe from the three categories High, Medium or Low

Conversion chart cm to inch:



Comme Il Faut Plataforma's

The Plataforma's are all marked as High.
The front of the shoe has got the platform inside that compensates/leverages the 11cm/12cm height to an actual height of around 9 to 9,5cm. So the Platform shoes can be compared to the category High in the Comme Il Faut Classics in your size.

Despite the height of these heels these shoes are very stable and very comfortable. Wearing these shoes will definitely open an eye for you, and put a beautiful smile on your face!

Paso de Fuego Lady
With the Paso de Fuego Lady shoes we offer heels in heights 5,5cm - 6,5cm and 8,5cm.
And all the Paso de Fuego shoes have a comfortable thick foot pad. The heels are thicker then other brands, offering extra support why keeping the looks. Also the bridge of the shoes is made of the highest strength offering extra support that you will not find anywhere else.

Mi Sueño

All Mi Sueño shoes heels have a medium/low heel height.
Mi Sueño shoes are build with three soft layers:
- A thick and very soft inner foot padding inside in the shoe
- Then a thin rubber layer after the soft foot padding for extra nice damping,
- And the soft cosi sole as the finishing touch.

So the foot of the shoe is built on three layers of softness and this you will feel!
These shoes are the softest most comfortable shoes on the market. Together with the excellent stability this shoe will feel like a 6cm heel, and offer you long long nights of comfortable dancing.

A Must-Have for
Lessons, Workshops, Dance Marathons and Milonga's.

Paso de Fuego Men

We offer the men shoes in three heel types and heights: The highest is the Wooden Cuban heel on all the leather sole models. The Leather Padded heels of the (lower) Flex Models with cosi sole.
And the Dance Rubber heels/soles on the Sneaker Models.