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Lisadore Shoes - The Best For Your Feet - Elegance & Comfort
All our Lisadore shoes are genuine Handwork. More then 120 nails are used when hammering these shoes together, this is pure craftsmanship. All the leathers are hand-cut, and hand-stitched with the oldest possible full iron leather sewing machines, and the shoes even get a flame-bath before they are a full finished product.

Lisadore - High Class High Quality Shoes
Handmade, Low heels, Extra Low Heels, Thicker heels, Wider Feet models, Narrow Feet models, Bunion models..
With the Lisadore lady shoes we offer a whole new range of fantastic dancing shoes.
Our Lisadore shoes are a perfect combination of Elegance and Comfort, offering stability and looks! And long long nights on the dance floor.

No Matter How Good You Are, These Shoes Will Make You Dance Better!
Special shoes for special feet, genuine handmade by real crasftsmen, with real jobs and real long lasting shoemaking expericence. Only the best leathers and the most expensive materials (foot bridge/heels/etc) are used and you will notice this.
To put it simply - no brand will match this quality.

All Lisadore Shoes Are Perfect for Dancing all styles of dancing. Like the ever elegant Argentina Tango, swinging Salsa and Bachata. But also Zouk, Kizomba and many other popular styles.