Available Payment Systems

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We try to offer you the best possible shopping experience.
You can change the Website to different currencies and languages.

Change Language
The language switch currently is still function-based. But more and more the whole content of the website will be available in multiple languages. 

Change Currency
We offer two currencies Euro's or US Dollars so you can relate to the prices better.

Payment Options
the prices in several ways to do make transaction on our website.
If you wish to

VISACredit Card
MAESTROCredit Card
Credit Card
PayPalWorld wide accepted Payment Website

Pay by InvoiceIf you have no Credit Card you can still place your order.
No direct transaction takes place. You will have to send the amount manually either by Bank transfer, Money Gramm or Western Union.
We will reserve the shoes for you, and wait for your transaction to arrive before we ship.

You can switch your language.
Arabic Brazilian Czech German Greek English Spanish Finnish French Hungarian Italian Lithuanian Latvian Dutch Norweigian Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Swedish Turkish Ukrainian

You can also switch to different currencies
Show Prices In US DOLLARS - USD.

Show Prices In EURO'S - EUR.


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