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We Offer Extreme Fast, Reliable & Insured Shipping World Wide!

Most parcels are shipped with DHL Express for the fastest possible, 100% accurate deliveries. We used to work with Postal companies in the past, but we spent days on days trying to retrieve lost packages, answering to angry clients, and filing claims at Postal companies. We switched to DHL but we kept the prices of priority shipping so you have the best of both worlds: cheapest possible shipping, parcel insurance, perfect parcel tracking, the fastest courier on the planet that delivers business to customer, and perfect accurate delivery.

In some cases parcels are not shipped with DHL Express:
- Certain countries do not offer proper affordable DHL shipping.
- Out of Area; your shipping address might be located in an out-of-area region. That means the DHL shipping costs will double and thus we decide our selves to ship with Postal companies.

Average shipping duration DHL Economy Express:
Europe 1 to 3 working days
Asia 3 to 4 working days
North America 3 to 4 working days
Australia 3 to 4 working days

For European countries you can switch from DHL Economy Express to DHL Express for even faster deliveries.

After your order is shipped you receive the tracking code from us and from DHL.
DHL Express Parcel Tracking:

All shipping durations are estimates.