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                      Mi Sueño is the Extra Comfort Line from Paso de Fuego

The Mi Sueno is the comfort line of Paso de Fuego. Again the best from Italy. No doubts there.
These shoes are made for maximum comfort.
A practice shoe and evening shoe combined, this is the best of two worlds.
Stay tuned, together with Comme il Faut these are best shoes on the market.

The Mi Sueño shoes are all hand made shoes from Italy. Only the finest and softest leathers are used and you will notice this. Most Mi Sueño shoes have a cosi sole, for good grip and soft contact with the dance floor. The extra soft foot bed gives optimal comfort for your feet. There is no better. In combination with the medium heel height this shoe is ideal for long nights dancing. You will not find a more softer comfortable shoe. The Mi Sueño shoes are suitable for all dancers, Argentina Tango, Salsa (or related) and Ballroom. With the large variety in colors and materials you can give your personal touch to your dancing style.

 Check out Our Stock Regularly! We constantly offer different Colors and Materials!

All Mi Sueno Shoes Are Perfect for Dancing the Argentina Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk.
These shoes can be used as Bachata shoes, Salsa Shoes, Kizomba Shoes, Zouk Shoes And Argentina Tango Shoes.
These shoes can be used as Argentina Tango Dance Shoes, Bachata dance shoes, Salsa Dance Shoes,
Kizomba Dance Shoes, Zouk Dance Shoes .