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No Matter How Good You Are, These Shoes Will Make You Dance Better.
Even the Maestro's can approve to this! All Hand Made in Italy, this is best on the market.
To put it simply - no other brand will match this quality.

1. The Flex - Split Sole - Models
Roughly speaking many experienced dancers will choose the Paso de Fuego - Flex split sole models for maximum freedom, speed, turning power and direct contact. These shoes will guide you to the highest dance levels.
The sole is split in two (heel and front apart) to give the flexible characteristics. And the combination of the cosi sole and the rubber heel offer the greatest directional maneuverability, and smooth pivoting. 

2. The Sneaker - Flex Sole - Models
Cool Looks AND The Best Soles. These shoes combine the best of two world: fancy sneakers, and the best dance sole. The shoes will become available in limited editions and continues new designs.
The front of the sole is Cosi, with a thin rubber heel on the back. High speed manuevres and turning power combined with perfect spin. Again.. these shoes will guide you to the highest dance levels.
So.. Finally...! Real Dance Sneakers, and ONLY made for Lisadore.

3. Leather Sole Models
For those who wish the best strength and support the full leather sole models are the ones to choose. The sole is thicker then the cosi models, yet still very flexible. The Cuban heel is the finishing touch to this perfect fitting shoe. And of course we offer them in many (new) designs and styles.
All the Paso de Fuego shoes are handmade in Italy and unlike other brands the Paso de Fuego shoes all have a full Cow-leather inside and outside, here only the highest qualities are used. Quality means strength with flexibility.

All Paso de Fuego Shoes Are Perfect for Dancing the Argentina Tango, Salsa, Bachata. These shoes can be used as Bachata shoes, Salsa Shoes, And Argentina Tango Shoes.
These shoes can be used as Bachata dance shoes, Salsa Dance Shoes, And Argentina Tango Dance Shoes.