What Type of Soles Are There?

Comme il Faut uses/used four types of soles:

1. White/Beige hard leather sole
The white hard leather soles are hardly used anymore by Comme il Faut.
So we didn't bother adding a picture of this.
2. Gold Leather sole

Half of the Comme il Faut shoes these days have this (hard) leather sole.
It has a thin golden film over it for extra beautiful and shiny looks,
but the part where you dance on this film will vanish so you dance on leather.
3. Soft Leather Sole

The other half of all the Comme il Faut shoes have this soft leather  sole.
This is leather made rough. We would call this something half way cosi/chromo sole and leather sole.
Please note these soles come new with a plastic shop-protection-layer that needs to be pealed off before use.

4. Cosi Sole

Cosi or Cromo is a different leather. It is leather scrubbed intensively so the leather gets an open structure.
The cosi/chromo is the most rough sole of all four. Comme il Faut does not use these cromo/cosi soles often,
but when we have them online this mentioned specifically in the description.